Timeless Family Food Journal, by Christine Phillips

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Christine Phillips

Christine Phillips is a qualified chef and founder of the Little Cooks Club. She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, with her husband and three children. Little Cooks Club promotes healthy eating in children from ages 2 – 15 years old and has helped over 10 000 families over the past 6 years. She started the Healthy Lunch Box Challenge, free for all parents, which currently has 4000 subscribers.

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The Timeless Family Food Journal is a must for anyone who is inspired by family traditions and family longevity.

This interactive food journal is filled with delicious recipes, nutritional information, clever tips and tricks, as well as ideas on how to enjoy quality time together as a family.

It gives you the opportunity to record your special family traditions and precious memories in one place, ensuring that they get passed on and remembered.

Most importantly, you can make this journal unique to your family, as there is ample space to write down your own personal recipes, stick in memorable photographs, and document secret ingredients for recipes that you may want to pass on.

Little Cooks Club - creating a passion for good food in children

Timeless Family Food Journal was written by professional chef Christine Phillips, who founded Little Cooks Club -- South Africa's first cooking school for children.

Inside the Book

The Timeless Family Food Journal is filled with delicious, easy to make recipes that families are encouraged to spend quality time making together. Not only is the book filled with nutritional advice, practical tips and helpful hints and templates, there is also space for families to include their own recipes and photographs and to document their own memories.

  • The importance of Good Nutrition
  • Baby Food / Finger snacks
  • Breakfast
  • Snacks & Lunch box ideas
  • Easy Weeknight dinners
  • Dinner with family & friends
  • Easy baking and desserts
  • Camping & braai food
  • Feeding sick children / signs of sickness
  • Fun quality time activities
  • Holiday specific meals
  • Weekend Cooking and Planning
  • Cupboard must haves

Tips, Tricks & Templates:
  • Baby schedules
  • Menu planning
  • Budget
  • Camping list
  • Conversion charts
  • Emergency Information
  • and more

As you can see, this is a comprehensive recipe book with everyday practical basics.
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